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JBG SMITH's commitment to health and safety continues to be our #1 priority. We consistently monitor the guidelines established by the CDC, state, and local authorities and have updated our building access protocols to adhere to those standards while continuing to deliver a workplace experience with the highest standards of operational excellence. As we all return to the workplace, we wanted to update you on our revised health and safety protocols.

All JBG SMITH personnel are vaccinated.

As we have done from the outset, we continue to ask all vendors at our properties to take a health screening survey before entering our buildings and to wear a mask at all times, regardless of vaccination status.

As you can imagine, this is a difficult standard for us to enforce but we continue to strive to do so.

Even though JBG SMITH staff are all vaccinated they may continue to wear masks for their own comfort.

JBG SMITH remains firmly committed to retaining and advancing our industry leading practices as it relates to a safe workplace.

Commitment to Exceptional Indoor Environmental Quality

JBG SMITH's unique Tenant Service Center (TSC) is an around-the-clock central command center that remotely monitors, analyzes, and adjusts core building functions 24/7/365.

FILTRATION JBG SMITH buildings are equipped with a minimum of MERV 13 filters to reduce contaminants in the air to protect occupant health.

HUMIDITY/TEMPERATURE JBG SMITH buildings monitor humidity and temperature levels to maintain ASHRAE and EPA-recommended ranges.

VENTILATION JBG SMITH buildings introduce fresh air throughout the day. As a standard practice, we conduct a morning flush 30 minutes before occupancy.

AIR AND WATER QUALITY JBG SMITH proactively tests air and water quality annually. For air, we test for pollutants like airborne particulates, VOCs, and CO2. And for water, we test for legionella and lead. Mitigation measures are taken if particulate or bacteria quantities are higher than the acceptable limits.

"Our onsite team of professionals have worked tirelessly to keep our buildings safe; while they have also remained operational and accessible."- Dave Ritchey, JBG SMITH

Industry Leading Cleaning and Sanitization Practices

JBG SMITH has developed a strategy for cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing all common areas and high-touch surfaces in our buildings. We have worked with our cleaning service providers on training and executing protocols utilizing EPA-registered disinfectants that effectively kill viruses. In addition, we will continue to have sanitization stations and have added handwashing and hygiene signage in and around our common areas and amenity spaces.

Investment in Touchless Technology

JBG SMITH has installed features and technologies in our building that reduce touchpoints, which helps decrease the chances of spreading germs and other microbes. At most of our buildings, automatic door openers, hands-free faucets, and soap dispensers have been installed.

Strategic Partnerships and Programs

JBG SMITH believes that strategic partnerships and programs allow us to remain cutting edge in the marketplace and strengthen our operational strategies' growth and development.

HP Environmental (HPE)

Advises on our Health and Wellness guidelines for indoor environment quality and cleaning guidelines and protocols.

Building Maintenance Service (BMS)

Manages our Green Cleaning and Disinfecting plans at our properties. These policies align with LEED-EB, the WELL Health and Safety, and FitWel rating systems.

Kastle Systems

Assists us in implementing hands-free technologies for our perimeter, elevator, and amenity space access control.


In 2020, we achieved the FitWel Viral Response Certification for our Commercial Office Portfolio, and in 2021 we have achieved asset level viral response certification for most of our wholly-owned properties. We have 4 FitWel Ambassadors on our team and are committed to obtaining a full FitWel Certification in most of our wholly-owned properties.

Shared Spaces Supporting Movement and Comfort

JBG SMITH stands firm in our commitment to tenant well-being in our design and operation of shared spaces in our buildings and the communities where we own, operate, and invest. • Our fitness centers, conference centers, and lounges have reopened with enhanced cleaning, sanitization, and disinfecting protocols in place. Our rooftop decks and outdoor gathering spaces are now open at total capacity for your enjoyment. Our stairwells are well-lit, painted, and frequently cleaned for use by tenants with access card readers on the stairwell door. Tenants interested in installing a card reader on the stairwell doors should contact their Property Management team. Bike rooms have remained open and encouraged as an alternative transportation method.

Transparency and Communication

The professional relationships JBG SMITH shares with each of our tenants are paramount to everything we do. We remain committed to transparency and communication, and we welcome your feedback in helping us improve our plan. • We will continue daily health screening for all contractors, vendors, and delivery personnel entering the building to reduce the risk of exposure. • We will continue notifying our tenants about all confirmed cases of COVID-19 in their buildings. • As the CDC and Government guidelines evolve, we will continue to communicate any changes to our plans and policies.



JBG SMITH is excited to announce it has reached carbon neutral operations in 2021 for our wholly-owned and JV assets.  This means we have offset the carbon emissions associated with operating our buildings.

Reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere not only mitigates our impact on the environment but also reduces the effects of climate change on human health.  Climate change affects some of the essential factors that influence our human health such as air quality, temperature, food availability, mental health and well-being, and safe shelter and water supply. 

People and communities face climate change and health related impacts together. Our actions today contribute to a healthier world for all of us.  We will continue our commitment to carbon neutrality for years to come.  JBG SMITH is committed to healthy buildings, healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

What else are we doing?

We are decarbonizing – reducing carbon emissions – by:

  • Installing solar panels on buildings Installing EVs (electric vehicle charging stations)
  • Saving energy by switching to LED lightbulbs
  • Reducing waste by composting
  • Encouraging supply chain sustainability
  • Adding renewables to the national grid


Download our JBG SMITH Healthy Workplace materials below.